EasyTapIntelligent RFID Networking

Transform your facility’s collection of autonomous readers into a dynamic RFID data platform of unparalleled accuracy with EasyTAP™ – the industry’s first intelligent RFID networking solution to combine real-time, adaptive control of Passive RFID readers, location-aware tag data processing, and standards-based data services for the applications that use Passive RFID data.

With EasyTAP™, deployments of scalable and network-centric RFID technology can be:

  • implemented in production environments
  • easily replicated at similar sites within the same organization.


Unique Flexibility

Enjoy the advantages of flexibility and choice that EasyTAP™ brings to the world of RFID asset tracking.

EasyTAP™ can be implemented either as:

  • A complete, device-based solution, utilizing both the Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) device and the intelligent RFID middleware (EasyTAP 751)
  • A software-based virtual machine that seamlessly integrates into an existing ERP system (EasyTAP VM).


Complete Asset Visibility

Go hybrid for the best of both worlds: EasyTap’s API can be integrated with an enterprise-wide visibility platform that combines Active with Passive technologies. This hybrid approach provides complete asset visibility in:

  • Healthcare
  • IT asset tracking
  • Weapons tracking



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