The U.S. Government is a leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) adoption. Agencies like the DoD, State Department and GSA either have or are rolling out RFID networks. As Government agencies have pursued RFID solutions to improve accuracy, readiness, efficiency and security they have selected partners based on experience, contract availability, expertise, talent and RFID solutions. Quake Global (formerly ODIN) is a trusted adviser to the U.S. Federal Government across both the Department of Defense as well as the Civilian Agencies.


Quake Global’s EasyArms™ solution is automating weapons tracking and auditing at Federal, State, and municipal armories. Accuracy is up, costs are down. Audits are fast and painless.


Achieve dramatic improvements in cost savings and patient safety with EasySpecimen™ – an RFID-based, specimen tracking solution co-developed with the world-famous Mayo Clinic.


With its discreet profile and versatile mounting capabilities, the Quake Global Q-RFsentry™ is a UHF RFID read point solution that offers accuracy and ease of deployment.


With the Quake Global Perch™, RFID read points can be implemented invisibly, leaving the coverage area clean and uncluttered.


Quake Global’s Tag Acquisition Processor enables scalable deployment of RFID for sustainable operations in any environment.

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