Quake Global (formerly ODIN) provides the healthcare industry with real time location systems (RTLS) based on both active and passive RFID. Leading hospitals globally are finding that just one technology or the other is not enough to get the job done. Active RFID is too big and expensive for a lot of items, passive RFID can’t provide a foot by foot trail of an asset in transit. Combine the two into a cohesive RTLS system and you solve many issues associated with a modern healthcare institution. Add the ability to roll up multiple facilities into a single RTLS view – with Quake Global’s patented software – and you can run a much leaner, healthier organization.

Automating those processes can drive meaningful return on investment (ROI) and improve accuracy and compliance. For low-risk high-value initiatives look at Quake Global’s off-the-shelf RFID & RTLS solutions that are based on industry standard business processes and configurable for your specific use case.


Quake Global unifies the convenience of a smart device with the power of RFID to produce the EasyID™: the first asset inspection solution that combines RFID-enabled iPads with an innovative, web-based platform for reporting and analytics.


Achieve dramatic improvements in cost savings and patient safety with EasySpecimen™ – an RFID-based, specimen tracking solution co-developed with the world-famous Mayo Clinic.



Quake Global introduces flexibility and choice into the world of Active and Passive RFID asset tracking with its EasyTAP™ solution.



With its discreet profile and versatile mounting capabilities, the Quake Global Q-RFsentry™ is a UHF RFID read point solution that offers accuracy and ease of deployment.


With the Quake Global Perch™, RFID read points can be implemented invisibly, leaving the coverage area clean and uncluttered.

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