perch_hallwayAesthetically Appealing

Implement UHF RFID read points invisibly with Quake Global’s Perch™, a unique UHF RFID read point that is both discreet and easy to install. Mounted above standard drop ceiling tiles, the lightweight Perch™ leaves the visible décor of the facility unchanged, resulting in a clean and uncluttered coverage area.

Safe in RF-Sensitive Environments

The Perch™ is the successful culmination of Quake Global’s extensive experience in minimizing or mitigating the electromagnetic interference of RFID read points. Utilize the Perch™ with confidence in RF sensitive environments – electronic devices that have been inadequately shielded are no longer an issue.

Effortless Expansion of Coverage

Easily extend the coverage area of the Perch™ by adding additional secondary antenna tiles.


  • Read point designed for ease of deployment and to provide room level visibility
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) – requires only one cable for operation
  • AC power can be used where POE is not available
  • When combined with Quake Global’s EasyTAP™, provides stray tag elimination, directionality and certainty-based locationing of tagged assets


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