hawkwingAccuracy and Ease of Deployment

With its discreet profile and versatile mounting capabilities, the Quake Global Q-RFsentry™ is a UHF RFID read point solution that offers accuracy and ease of deployment. A single enclosure that encompasses everything, the Q-RFsentry blends inconspicuously into indoor and office environments, hospitals, labs, data centers, and armories.

The Q-RFsentry™ provides impressive accuracy with an innovative antenna configuration that enables each antenna to pick up RFID tags in multiple orientations and positions. The Q-RFsentry™ communicates over Ethernet and offers flexible power options such as Power Over Ethernet (POE).

The Q-RFsentry™ is ideal for tracking tagged items such as medical devices, carts, weapons, files, or people passing through doorways, hallways, or other zonal coverage areas.


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