Automate Physical Asset Tracking with RFID

I AM™, Quake Global’s Intelligent Asset Management solution provides complete visibility and control of your IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from receiving through decommissioning.

Asset locations are updated and alerted in real time. Regulatory compliance is enhanced while associated labor costs are reduced.

Extend your Existing Asset Management Software

While I AM™ can operate standalone as a powerful but easy to use asset management solution, customers using Remedy, Maximo, HP Asset Manager, Sunflower or Oracle also benefit as I AM™ seamlessly integrates and extends these solutions. I AM™ enables them to monitor and control physical asset identification and movement in real time with RFID – generating more value from your existing investment.


  • Enhances regulatory compliance while reducing associated labor costs
  • Easily integrates and extends existing systems including Remedy, Maximo, HP Asset Manager, Sunflower and Oracle
  • Provides real world metrics including asset dwell time and aging
  • Increases asset security and reduces risk of critical assets and data being lost or stolen


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