EasyArms photo1Easily Automate Logbook Tracking and Auditing

Weapons tracking and security are among the highest responsibilities for any law enforcement, security or defense organization. It is also one of the most time-consuming, manual, and error-prone processes.

Quake Global has developed an RFID weapons tracking solution that automates all stages of weapons location and chain of custody management. It is an easy and accurate way to ensure audit capability and readiness for ongoing ATF/DoD/CALEA compliance demands – EasyArms™ automates receipt and issue processes for bulk or individual weapons.

Leveraging experience in military weapons storage operations, Quake Global developed a comprehensive solution that enables mobile, fixed entry point or work area tracking. Automated weapons tracking data can also be integrated directly into existing enterprise asset systems of record, eliminating duplicate entry and data entry errors. The entire solution can be installed and integrated in less than a week by Quake Global’s professional services staff.

Increase Accuracy and Reduce Cost

Quake Global’s EasyArms solution is custom-configurable to your individual requirements which may include some of the following components:

  • Software specifically designed for weapons tracking to manage check-in/out processes, maintain chain of custody, integrate with existing solutions and deliver real-time weapons inventory and movement reports
  • Fixed, rugged RFID portals for choke-point tracking at armory doors and windows
  • RFID-enabled EasyTables™ for work location tracking
  • Handheld RFID readers running specially designed software for mobile weapons inventory, location and movement management

Quake Global’s EasyArms works for you year round so that when your weapons audit is required, it is fast, automated, accurate and painless. Armorers can inventory weapons racks in seconds and full armories or multiple armory locations in minutes. They can also generate ad-hoc reports and use “Geiger Counter” features to find misplaced items.

How Accurate is Your Weapons Log?

EasyArms knows in real-time what is inside and outside your armory. You will always know where your weapons are, where they have been, who’s had them, and how long they have been there – your inventory will not only be accurate, but informative.

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